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Wholesale Candy for Parties

You've got the decorations. You've got the party favors. What better way to top off your party or business event than with something sweet? If you need to buy party candy in bulk, you can trust Mayflower to deliver. We've got everything you need to make your guests and customers smile.

Treat Your Guests Right

Whatever the occasion, our expansive selection of consumables can accommodate all of your needs. Here's a taste of what we offer:

You can mix and match any of our items to suit your preferences and needs. The possibilities are as endless as the candy lines will be!

A Sweet Addition to Any Occasion

Whether you're hosting a spa day or camping indoors, sweets are fun, easy and delicious additions to your business, event or venue. You can use consumables to enhance your party by:

  • Decorating with them: Candy can help you create eye-catching backdrops or props.
  • Making them the main event: Love candy? You can make it the star of the show with your own candy buffet!
  • Using them as gifts: Small treats make excellent add-ons to gift bags. They can also be tasty prizes for party games!


Buy Candy for Parties in Bulk From Mayflower

With over 25,000 items available nationwide, Mayflower is your one-stop shop for wholesale party supplies. When you buy from us, you'll enjoy the best selection, the best prices, fast shipping and superior customer service.
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