Top 5 Summer Pool Party Themes

Top 5 Summer Pool Party Themes

In the season of sun-kissed skin, balmy breezes and outdoor fun, there's no better time to throw a pool party. As summer heats up, you'll need eye-catching decor and party supplies to create the perfect poolside event. We've compiled five of the best pool party themes below. No matter which one you pick, you're sure to make a splash.

1. The Great Gatsby

Whether you read the book in high school or watched the movie in theaters, it's easy to see how this theme, which relies on a chic 1920s atmosphere, pairs perfectly with poolside festivities. We are so impressed by Pop Culture Sculptures' Great Gatsby-inspired pool party, we had to share it with you. You can find them on Facebook or visit their Instagram.

If you want to throw your own Long Island pool party, you'll need the lavish decor to match. Stock up on black, gold and white party supplies:

  • Balloons: Latex balloons are perfect for poolside fun. They're available in every elegant shade you can think of, from metallic gold to sleek black. You can also create more unique displays with specialty options like confetti-filled balloons.
  • Party accessories: Remember to gear up with some shades! For a modern twist on the Roarin' 20s, pass out some sunglasses and toss in a few sunglasses-themed balloons.
  • Extra touches: You may recall the zebra pool float decorating one of Gatsby's parties. While they aren't pool floats, you can pay tribute to the movie's iconic poolside scenery with some zebra balloons of your own. 

2. Qualatex Summer Showcase

Balloon art is a simple and fun way to upgrade your pool party. Whether you're learning the basics or a balloon artist extraordinaire, you'll have countless ways to craft a unique display. Look at this super cute idea from Qualatex using QuickLink® balloons to create giant floating balloon dogs! Buy your own QuickLink balloons and make a dazzling summer exhibit with:

  • Balloon animals: From dogs to swans, balloon critters will uplift any pool party. If you want to stick with the poolside theme, center your decor around aquatic creatures.
  • Balloon columns: What's a showcase without a few balloon columns? Pick up a latex column kit and make a sunny summer-themed column with a smiley-face balloon and smaller yellow balloons for the rays. You can decorate your column using colors like baby blue, pink, orange and red to complete the summery palette.
  • Balloon flowers: Make your summer display blossom with your own balloon flowers! Sunflowers are a fantastic pick, thanks to their radiance and positive vibes.

3. Flamingo Festivities

Flamingos are always in fashion, especially when they're 5 feet tall. Create the perfect fusion of pizzazz and beauty with flamingo-themed balloons. These stylish birds work well for the poolside:

  • Birthday parties: Flamingo birthday-themed balloons set the tone for anyone's special day. If you know a bird lover or pink enthusiast, these balloons are the key to celebrating in style.
  • Get-togethers: Birds of a feather flock — and party — together. With the right balloons, you can invite your loved ones to "flamingle" and enjoy themselves.
  • Baby showers:  There's no better way to welcome a baby girl. Flamingos exude the beauty and joy that come with a new arrival.

4. Tropical Pool Paradise

Your relaxing getaway is closer than you think. Create a tropical pool paradise with gold glitter palm trees, flamingos, sunshine and more. To top off your oasis, try adding:

  • Tropical animal balloons like toucans and parrots.
  • Fruit-themed balloons, such as pineapples and watermelons.
  • Balloons with tropical patterns.

5. Mermaid Magic

Chilling by the pool makes you want to grow a tail and swim your heart out. With the proper decor, you can! Brighten up your pool party with plenty of mermaid tails and seashells. If you've got younger attendees, a mermaid plush works well as a gift or prize.

Thanks to their scale-like appearance, these sequin balloons make perfect accents to the mermaid theme.

These sequin balloons make perfect accents to the mermaid theme.

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