Four Spooky Themes for Halloween

Four Spooky Themes for Halloween

These days, there are endless ways to decorate for Halloween. Many decorators have broken free of the predictable black and orange jack-o-lantern theme. Now they personalize their décor by letting their creative sensibilities run wild. Who knows, maybe their inner ghouls are contributing some fun and mischief into the mix!

While some decorators keep it cute and sweet, others go all out with spooky, creepy, or sophisticated themes–sometimes combining all three! Here are a few party themes and DIYs for the upcoming Spooky Season. We hope that you’ll get inspired (and maybe shriek an eeek or two)!

1. Bewitching Hour

This first party theme is a mysterious take on Halloween décor, that’s sure to cast its spell on guests. The elegant, iridescent color palette evokes a spooky scene with black, purples and silver metallics. Gauzy spider webs and trailing vines suspended from the ceiling, lit with colored lights, add an eerie, moody vibe. We’re especially inspired by the Maleficent Themed Party Decor (see link below). And the DIY Glowing Specimen Jars (link below) add a creepy, realistic touch. Halloween imagery of skulls, ravens, potion bottles, toads, crescent moons, and butterflies complete the look. It’s the perfect theme for creating a most enchanted evening!

Photo Credits (Clockwise, L to R):
1. Mayflower Distributing

2. DIY Creepy Glowing Halloween Specimen Jars:

3. Maleficent Themed Party Decor:

2. Halloween Cuties

This second theme is big on color and whimsy, with just a dash of spookiness! It’s perfect for kids and parents alike. Vibrant magenta, orange and violet combine with accent colors to make this décor happy and bright. Cute ghosts, pumpkins, bats, eyeballs, witches and vampires welcome both trick-or-treaters and party guests. The Oversized Latex Mask (link below), will add a playful quality to any party. And the DIY Oversized Balloon Frame (link below) is perfect for a Día de los Muertos celebration!

Photo Credits (Clockwise, L to R):
1. BOO Halloween Installation: Creative Balloons by Cathy

2. Oversized Latex Mask: Pop! Designs & Creations

3. DIY Oversized Balloon Frame: The Creative Hearts Studio

4. Halloween Decor: Bubblegum Balloons

3. Moonlight Magic

Gleaming golden glamour with a touch of mystery! This look is a fresh take on Halloween, that emphasizes high style. Rich patterned Marblez pair well with a variety of crescent shapes, gold accented foils, and black and jewel toned latex. The perfect décor for a sophisticated, late night party or a Haunted 1920s Themed Soirée. Cap the evening with these dazzling Caramel-Stuffed Cupcakes With Gold Skulls (DIY link below). They say that even spirits have a sweet tooth!

Photo Credits (Clockwise, L to R):
1. Mayflower Distributing

2. DIY Caramel-Stuffed Chocolate Cupcakes With Caramel Skulls: Sugar Hero!

3. Elegant Halloween Installation: Bubblegum Balloons

4. Midnight Sky Wall: Bubblegum Balloons

4. Gothic Ghouls

This erie décor harkens back to an earlier time. Ghostly, haunted mansions come to mind! Black and grey hues accented with deep orange, gold and red, create an old world, spooky vibe. Victorian Gothic style imagery of skulls, bats, ghosts and spider webs add to the ambiance. Hanging moss and gauze from the chandeliers, makes for moody lighting. Adding Gothic Lace Candleholders (DIY link below), and Black Halloween Wreathes (DIY link below) complete the scene. The clock is chiming midnight, time to welcome the guests and ghouls!

Photo Credits (Clockwise, L to R):
1. Ghostly Halloween Installation: Bubblegum Balloons

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5. DIY Creepy Dead Flower Wreath: