Interested in becoming a purveyor of parties? Birthdays, Anniversaries, New Babies, Weddings, and Company Parties all need decorators, do you have what it takes? Let Mayflower show you how!

Learn From Us
We host a YouTube channel that has all the tips and decor ideas for you to educate yourself with. Our Training Ambassador, Suzie, has some great offerings for those starting out in the balloon business. She has decor for all the major holidays, have fun customizing with your favorite balloons and colors for your clients.

Become a Certified Balloon Artist
Our friends at Qualatex offer a certification to be a Balloon Artist (CBA). The courses are filled with balloon industry knowledge and solutions for calculating pricing and costs for your business. Build balloon columns and decor, learn some balloon twisting, and create bouquets that sell. Get your credentials!

Supplies for Success
Of course, you’ll need balloons, but what other items are helpful for an enterprising decorator. It is almost inevitable you’ll be asked to coordinate a balloon drop at an event, you’ll need balloon nets to create this magical experience. Inflation is easy with electronic air pumps and hand pumps. Creating decor is very fun, but you’ll need help making your latex balloons inflated to certain sizes. While you’re at it stock up on balloon tape, magnets, and balloon string. Frames are also helpful for creating backdrops and photo frames.

Balloon Nets


Balloon Sizers

Balloon Tape

Balloon String


Balloon Frames 

First and foremost, practice and perfect your craft. Decide what specialty you’ll focus on - decor, balloon drops, balloon twisting, bouquet delivery, and any combination or all of the above. Practice delivering with your friends and family.

Determine your service area, how far are you willing to travel to keep costs and pricing reasonable for you and your customers.

Self Promotion
How should you raise awareness about your small business?

You are your own brand! Create an online portfolio of your best work. Create a website that makes it easy for potential customers to contact you. Social media is a helpful way to reach your intended audience. Create social media accounts for your business, start with your friends and family - ask them to spread the word and share your work. Follow your peers to keep up on trends. Tag us in your socials!  We’d love to see what you create!

Enter contests, network with other balloon decorators, attend learning events and your skills will skyrocket.

Here are some events to check out:

FLOAT the convention

World Balloon Convention

Balloon Boss Summit

Photo Credit: Balloonzilla

Industry Idols
Here are some companies and designers that have already made their mark in the balloon world. We’ve curated some show stoppers for you to gain some inspiration and emulate.

Dream Factory Balloons


Paradise Balloon Designs

Molly Balloons

Becoming a balloon decorator is fun and rewarding. Your daily work results in happiness and comfort to numerous people. You'll create experiences and memories that last a lifetime. We'll be here to help, reach out to us at with any questions you have.