Inflation Equipment

Inflation Equipment

With their versatility and vivid colors, balloons can enhance any special occasion or location. The proper inflation equipment is essential for setting up these captivating spectacles. Serving your customer base or decorating your venue is easier than ever when you shop with us!

Our Selection of Balloon Inflation Equipment 

We're confident our broad selection of inflation equipment will serve your business's or venue's needs. We'll be your go-to for:


  • Air inflators: Our balloon air inflation equipment is compact, easy to use and lightweight. Choose a portable balloon pump like the Z60 or an electric balloon inflator like the Balloon Buddy or Zip Single for a simple way to get the job done fast.
  • Gas inflators: When you need your balloons to soar, trust our gas inflators to deliver. They come in several varieties with useful options such as auto-fill and dual latex and foil choices. Whatever your needs are, we have a gas inflator ready to serve.
  • Accessories: Our accessories provide you with security and convenience. We offer safety stands and covers for your helium balloon tanks and cylinders so you and your guests can have peace of mind. If you're on the go, consider our cylinder carts or remote workstations!
  • Cylinders: You can store your gas with confidence with one of our aluminum cylinders. They come with handles and in two handy sizes. 
  • Replacement parts: Need replacement parts? We'll provide you with replacement valves, attachments, hoses and other bits you need to get the ball rolling again.

Wholesale Purchasing Benefits

Buying your party supplies and equipment in bulk lets you enjoy all the benefits we have to offer, such as:


  • Our years of expertise: With over five decades of experience, we're confident we know what you and your customers need for fun and success!
  • The best prices: We cultivate close relationships with our suppliers. You'll have access to a wide selection of products while staying cost-effective. With our volume discounts, the more you buy, the more you save!
  • Fast turnaround times: Our products ship from two distribution centers, sometimes within the same day. We'll make sure you're ready for business as quickly as possible.
  • Our superior customer service: You can trust our team to guide you every step of the way. We've compiled educational resources and answers to common questions that you can access anytime.

Choose Mayflower for Inflation Equipment

Balloons make people happy, so you're going to want plenty of them! When you work with us, you'll get the best deals on quality balloon inflation equipment. Create an account and make your first purchase with us today!

Need gas? We deliver! Check out our Helium and Nitrogen Delivery page for more information.

For questions and concerns, contact our helpful staff at your convenience.