Our Commitment to Sustainability

Our Commitment to Sustainability


As one of the nation's leading wholesale balloon distributors, we recognize the vital role we play in reducing human-caused climate change. Mayflower seeks every opportunity to implement sustainable processes and policies that facilitate a culture reflective of our core values. 

Our mission is to minimize our carbon footprint while spreading awareness about how consumers can practice environmentally conscious balloon use. We exclusively partner with suppliers that meet our sustainability standards. Plus, we ensure access to information about how you can enjoy our balloons while being kind to the environment. 

Read on to learn more about the sustainable balloons practices we prioritize every day. 


Environmentally Friendly Balloon Practices in Action 

Global carbon emissions levels are a pressing concern, yet it's important that we retain our natural zest for life as we enter new eco-conscious frontiers. Balloons have symbolized joy for decades, and we embrace the mission of finding green solutions that still allow us to enjoy the things we love. Our balloons feature sustainably sourced materials and can be repurposed or recycled. 

Latex Balloons

Latex balloons are key players in sustainable balloon development. Manufactures harvest latex from rubber tree sap and color them using natural pigments for a 100% natural product. Latex balloons are both biodegradable and photodegradable — they break down fast as other natural materials like oak leaves and wood fibers. 

As natural as they may be, it's still important to tie down your latex balloons so they can be properly disposed of and undergo their natural decomposition process. Latex balloons are versatile and affordable for seamless sustainability. 


Foil and Film Balloons

Optimizing foil and film balloons for sustainability is a challenge our industry embraces eagerly. These balloons feature metalized nylon, and they are nonbiodegradable. 

Fortunately, there are ways for consumers to continue using foil and film balloons with sustainability in mind. You can reuse foil balloons by deflating and inflating them again and again. There are also numerous creative ways to repurpose foil and film balloons in unique crafts. 

To deflate your foil balloon, insert a straw through its seal and push through the valve until air releases. You can push on and fold the balloon to coax the air out. The balloon will refill as normal when you're ready to use it again. 

Helium Tanks

Helium tanks speed the process of filling balloons with environmentally friendly gas. Helium itself is inconsequential to the environment, as it naturally escapes Earth's atmosphere and floats into space where it is the universe's second-most abundant element. 

Balloon Time helium tanks are made of recyclable metals and can be recycled.

Many steel recycling centers accept helium tanks. Check with your local recycling company about curbside pickup or drop-off hours for your tank. Be sure to release all the helium and remove the relief disk before recycling the tank.  


Dispose of Your Balloons Properly — Never Release

Releasing helium balloons is harmful to the environment. Balloons can only decompose or be properly recycled when disposed of correctly. 

When you release balloons into the air, they float beyond human control, where they can harm wildlife and damage ecosystems. Furthermore, foil balloons conduct electricity and can cause power outages or electrical fires if they drift into a power line. 

Follow our recommendations above to ensure you practice environmentally conscious balloon use at home. 

Repurpose – Check out some fun ideas to repurpose foil balloons on our Pinterest Board.

Dispose of properly – Dispose of balloons by popping each balloon and placing in a trash receptacle.  Latex balloons can be added to a compost pile or composting facility near you.

Recycle – Check out ways to recycle all of your post-party supplies, not just balloons.  Companies like TerraCycle offer programs to recycle and help manage waste.

How to recycle your Balloon Time helium tank:

Additional ideas on how to GO GREEN:


Worth the Weight

Balloons should not be released.  Balloon makers have worked hard to share and inspire the use of Smart Balloon Practices to keep balloons available for every occasion.  We stand with communities by encouraging that balloons be weighted, not released outdoors.  Whether it’s a single balloon or hundreds, let’s keep them from flying away.  Don’t let go.  Inflate.  Weight.

Additional resources for balloon education and information.

A research-based source focusing on responsible use while enjoying balloons.  Take the pledge and be an advocate for the cause.

The Balloon

An organization made up of responsible retailers, distributors and manufactures that are dedicated to educating others about the wonders of balloons and the proper handling of them.  Become a responsible balloon retailer and promote Smart Balloon Practices.


Have Fun and Be Smart With Balloons

It's more than possible to celebrate life safely with numerous types of balloons as long as you employ eco-friendly practices. Join Mayflower in our commitment to keeping joy afloat with colorful, creative balloon displays for every occasion. For more on our sustainability practices or to inquire about our balloon products, contact Mayflower online today!