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Wholesale Foil Balloons

Mayflower Distributing Company is your number one source of wholesale helium foil balloons that will help your customers celebrate every occasion. These captivating balloons are revolutionizing the way people decorate, from kids' parties and picnics to weddings and more upscale events.

Shop our broad collection to find hundreds of styles of foil balloons sure to please your customers and help them decorate, spread joy and bring their special events to life.

Types of Foil Balloons

At Mayflower Distributing Company, we've fostered close, long-term relationships with our suppliers that allow us to offer the best prices and the most extensive selection of foil balloons in the industry. We organize our balloons into categories to make it easy for you to browse and find exactly what you're looking for.

On our website, you'll find the following categories of wholesale foil balloons:


  • Everyday balloons: For birthdays, anniversaries or just because.
  • Seasonal foil balloons: For holiday celebrations year-round.
  • Licensed foil balloons: Featuring your favorite characters from Disney, Star Wars, Marvel and more.
  • Themed balloons: For any kind of celebration, from a throwback 90s party to a rainbow unicorn-themed event.
  • Decorator and solid balloons: For designing the perfect decor or creating showstopping balloon displays.
  • Letters, numbers and phrases: The perfect way to add a personal touch to an event's decor.
  • Value plus line: Foil balloons that offer a variety of options at a lower price point.

Our collections feature a huge range of balloons in various shapes, styles and sizes, ranging from 4-inch mini foils all the way up to our jumbo 70-inch balloons.


The Benefits of Foil Balloons

Foil balloons are great options when durability is a must. These balloons are constructed from thin sheets of metal foil and nylon material that trap and hold helium, keeping them filled and floating for as long as two weeks. Customers can fill them up ahead of time or use them for multiday events.

These balloons also offer a great hypoallergenic option for use in public spaces like schools where students may have latex allergies.

Whether you're purchasing foil balloons wholesale for kids' parties or for other occasions, they offer a distinct appearance that can adapt to any theme by adding glamour, bright fun prints or even a touch of elegance.

Shop Wholesale Foil Balloons Online

Stock your inventory and save by purchasing wholesale foil balloons and supplies from Mayflower Distributing Company online. Our website offers a broad selection of options so you can find the perfect products to help your customers create stunning celebrations. Get started by creating an account today. You can also get in touch with our team for help beginning your first order.