Balloon Basics Videos

Balloon Basics Videos

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Hand Pump Inflation

Place your balloon's neck around the ridged base of the airless hand pump. The number of pumps will depend on the balloon's size. 

Small Loop Collar

Learn to create a bow-tie balloon formation using a 260Q balloon to give your party balloons a dapper look.

Large Loop Collar

Using three 260Q balloons and four five-inch balloons, add a colorful ruff to the base of your balloon.

5 Inch Quad Loop Collar

Spice up your mylar foil balloons by creating a layered quad loop collar arrangement using 5-inch balloons. 

Quad Collar With Bow Frame

Add a fun bunny-eared or bow-tie effect to your balloons by adding a quad collar with a bow frame.

Quad Collar and Loop Collar Upgrade

Twist two 160Q balloons and stack them with quad collars for an atom-like effect perfect for themed birthday parties. 

Quad and Curly Collar Upgrade

Create a twirl-tailed, tentacle-like balloon arrangement perfect for birthdays, baby showers and themed events.

Triple Quad Collar Upgrade

Create a twirling, tiered effect around your balloon's base and string, and add a twirls streamer for extra pizzazz. 

Polka Dot Birthday Upgrade

Add an exciting, 3D polka-dotted flair to any balloon or polka-dot-themed party with a polka dot birthday upgrade.

Boss's Day Dots Upgrade

Create an eyecatching, firework-like balloon arrangement perfect for holidays, birthdays and other special events. 

Boss's Day Present Upgrade

Make a gift box or birthday present balloon arrangement ideal for birthdays, showers and anniversaries. 

Fall Pumpkin Upgrade

Create an autumnal balloon formation that October babies and pumpkin spice lovers will “fall” in love with.

Game Time Upgrade

Celebrate football season with balloons by adding a game-time upgrade to your favorite mylar foil balloons. 

School is Cool Upgrade

Add an exciting base to your School is Cool mylar foil balloon to liven up the classroom or any back-to-school event.

Halloween Candy Upgrade

Bring your Halloween balloon arrangements to life by adding 5-inch quads and different curly 160Q formations.

Halloween Spider Upgrade

Learn how to make a balloon spider for your Halloween event using a few simple and easy-to-find supplies. 

Halloween Tombstone Upgrade

Embellish your tombstone balloons by adding weighted bases to create a fun graveyard effect around the room.

Scarecrow Upgrade

Learn how to make a sunflower and other autumnal balloon arrangements to infuse life into your scarecrow balloons.

Thanksgiving Banner Upgrade

Add balloon bases and other fun features to bring personality to your Thanksgiving Day banner balloons.

Thanksgiving Centerpiece Upgrade

Make centerpieces by adding holographic bases and bubble borders to your mylar foil balloons. 

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