Tropical Beach Themed Party Ideas

Tropical Beach Themed Party Ideas

Due to current circumstances with the pandemic, traveling and taking that beach vacation may not be on your to-do list this year. However, if you’re missing the beach, there are creative ways to still have those beach-vacation-feels right at home. Yes, you read that right! This is the perfect time to jazz things up at home and bring the beach vibes to you. We’ll walk you through some exciting ideas on how you can throw a tropical beach themed party for you and your family.


One of the best parts about planning a party is picking out the color scheme. We’d recommend going with vibrant and bold colors to set a lively mood. Hot pink, yellow, lime green, and turquoise would be the perfect color combination for your tropical beach themed party. These colors are fun, playful, and upbeat!



If you want to throw a jaw-dropping party, you’ve got to have the right balloons!

Your balloons are essentially the star of the show. They’re the first thing people notice when walking into a party. We’ve picked out a few of our favorites below to help get you started! You can make a balloon bouquet, create an arch, use the balloons as props for photos, or simply lay them around your treats table. Whichever you choose, these balloons will surely brighten up the room and get people talking! 



It’s not an official tropical beach party without delicious drinks. Here’s a way to make your drinks stand out and look a little more festive! Add a 4” star balloon as an accessory to your drink. Use a permanent marker to draw small dots and lines on the surface of the star to make it resemble a starfish. This simple DIY will for sure be an eye-catcher! 


When it comes to your treats, the choices are endless. Whether it be cookies, cupcakes, fruits, drinks, sandwiches, etc. – each one can be creatively altered in a fun way to match your tropical beach themed party. For example, put a twist in your cupcakes by dipping your cupcake icing side down in crushed graham crackers. Flip it back up and add a cocktail umbrella pick on top. Viola! You have yourself a sand-dune beach cupcake! For more fun treats to add to your table, check out these ideas on Pinterest.


Who says you have to stick with one color for your plates, cups, and napkins?! Make it more interesting by choosing multiple colors that match your color scheme. Use clear serving dishes and bowls to easily showcase the delicious treats on your table!

This year hasn’t been an easy one. It’s safe to say we could all probably use a relaxing vacation after this year is over. For now, we can get a little taste of the beach vacation vibes in the comfort of our home with these ideas above. We’d love to know how you’re celebrating at home, show us by tagging your photos with #CelebrateAtHome and @Mayflower_Party.