6 Ways to Celebrate Father's Day

6 Ways to Celebrate Father's Day

When you hear Father’s Day, what comes to mind? Grilling? Fishing? Dad jokes? All of the above? We have balloons for that, and balloons for every kind of dad! Because each family is different, there are countless ways to make Father's Day special. Bring the whole family together with one of our Father's Day party ideas. 

From barbecuing to gaming, we have all the decorations to celebrate Father's Day however you want.

1. Have a BBQ

Hot dog and hamburger balloons are perfect for a dad who's the king of the grill. Celebrate him with a picnic! 

Make sure he stocks up on serving utensils, plates and other supplies he'll need to whip up a delicious Father's Day barbecue. Grilling together is a great time to pick up some tips and try new recipes.

  1. 32" Hotdog
    32" Hotdog
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  2. 26" Hamburger with Bun
    26" Hamburger with Bun
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2. Go Fishing With Dad

Puns and fishing balloons? We have those too. Decorate with vintage bobbers and netting, and ensure your dad knows he's the catch of the day with a fully fish-themed party. To complete the look, accessorize your balloons with fishing line.

  1. 45" O-Fish-ally Best Dad
    45" O-Fish-ally Best Dad
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3. Get Your Dad His Favorite Beverage

We also have balloons for the fatherly beverage connoisseur, from the Coolest Dad Cooler to a 35-inch beer mug. Treat Dad to his favorite brew, or host a DIY beer tasting. You can use plastic shot glasses or other drinkware so everyone gets a sip. Want to surprise him at home? Keep his drink safe with a stylish bottle bag.

If wine is his beverage of choice, an at-home tasting session is the way to go. Pick some high-class wines and complement your selection with a spread of deli meat, cheese and grapes.

4. Celebrate Your Handy Dad With Decor

For the handy dad, we recommend tape measure balloons for Father's Day. Just make sure to treat him to a day off! Even the most hardworking father will appreciate an at-home family crafting session. Pick up some supplies and let everyone's imaginations run wild. You'll bring the whole family together and have awesome creations to give as a gift or display around the house. Here are our favorite project ideas to keep your hands busy:

  • Handmade cards: Cards are a fun, creative way to show you care. There are tons of ways to personalize yours, from making unique shapes to incorporating his favorite jokes and puns.
  • Marker mugs: Dads love their coffee, and a decorated mug will uplift any father's morning. This toddler-friendly craft allows anyone to scribble, draw and add stickers to their dad's new favorite ceramic cup.
  • Homemade awards: Homemade awards let your dad know just how awesome they are. Which qualities and efforts do you appreciate the most? Transform that gratitude into handcrafted certificates, printed coffee mugs or your award of choice.

5. Go for a Classic Decor Approach

Class it up with these patterned balloons for the stylish father. Serve coffee or his favorite cocktail, and make a charcuterie board! Try incorporating the following supplies to keep it classy:

6. Celebrate Your Dad's Love for Gaming and Superheroes

And finally, nerdy dads, we didn't forget you! Here are some super balloons for Father's Day. Play board games, watch superhero movies and have a blast. Consider other fun ways to get your game on, such as:

  • Party games: Party games let everyone get in on the action. Card games, truth or dare, bingo and other party activities are excellent for larger crowds.
  • Competitions: You can take gaming to the next level by turning your activities into a friendly competition. Make a board game tournament or see who's the most knowledgeable about the superhero movies you watch.
  • Award ceremonies: What's a competition without prizes? Have some miniature trophies or handmade awards on hand to celebrate the victors.

Bring Your Father's Day Party Ideas to Life With Mayflower

Mayflower makes it easy and affordable to turn your vision into reality. We've been helping planners like you prepare for events that their friends and families love for over four decades. That history means we've had plenty of time to dream up all kinds of ways to celebrate Father's Day and other holidays or occasions. Our inventory of over 25,000 items ensures you have the perfect decorations to celebrate Father's Day. 

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