5 Ways to Transform Your Balloons and Party Supplies for Easter

5 Ways to Transform Your Balloons and Party Supplies for Easter

Reinvent your Easter décor by transforming the party supplies you already have on hand! By using paint, paper, and some scissors you can create a vibrant and unique Easter.

1. Cut up Your Plastic Table Covers and Combine Fringe Foil Backdrops

Table covers are now for more than just protecting your furniture. While they are still folded, use sharp scissors or paper cutter to make 1” cuts. Tie to a string, and you’ve created festive, textured wall art! Use different colors to create rainbows or similar colors for an ombre effect. You don’t have to be limited to one color- combine gold, pink, and yellow for a shimmery Easter backdrop or photo booth.

Using permanent marker, you can add a smiling face and some eyes to a basic colored latex balloon. Combine with paper to create fun animal shapes! Add bunny ears to make a bunny, floppy ears to make a dog, or triangles to create a cat.

3. Plates Can Also Be Decor

More than just a vehicle for treats, fun plates can be layered and taped to create quick and cheap wall decorations. Try combining pastels and polka dots for Easter!

4. Make it Monochromatic

Simple latex balloons can make a big effect by choosing 3 similar shades. Light pink, dark pink, and red work well together for an ombre display.

5. Accessorize the Outside

Have a plain latex balloon? Transform it by adhering pompoms, stickers, paper, and more balloons to create balloons for any occasion. Make sure to use a low temperature hot glue gun with latex.