5 Best St. Patrick's Day Decorating Ideas

5 Best St. Patrick's Day Decorating Ideas


St. Patrick's Day is right around the corner! Are you ready to embrace the holiday? Decorating your office, school, wing or any other space for St. Patrick's Day is a great way to liven spirits and get everyone ready for a joy-filled spring. 

Leprechauns, pots of gold, and shamrocks are the usual inspiration for decorating for St. Patrick’s Day. However, it doesn’t have to be the same old same old — you can go beyond those three St. Patrick’s day staples and inject new energy into your decorating. Here are a few can't-miss St. Patrick's Day decorating ideas that will fill your world with Irish glee. 

1. Create an Ombre Rainbow Using Latex

Expand on the rainbow trend by focusing on this aspect of the holiday. An ombre rainbow made from colorful balloons will have everyone around feeling a little extra luck this St. Patrick's Day. Whether you prefer pastels or vibrant hues, horizontal or vertical stripes, create a showstopper with your friend Roy G Biv in a variety of latex colors. 

To get started, fill at least four balloons and tie them together at their ends in groups of two. Then, flip the two sets perpendicular to each other. With some wire between them, twist the balloon pairs around each other at their ends to make a cluster. Make a few more groups like this to turn your ombre rainbow into a wall or arch!


  1. 11" Qualatex Pearl Mint Green Latex
    11" Qualatex Pearl Mint Green Latex
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  2. 11" Qualatex Emerald Green Latex
    11" Qualatex Emerald Green Latex
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  3. 11" Qualatex White Latex
    11" Qualatex White Latex
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2. Create Your Own Shamrock

Shamrocks and St. Patrick's Day go hand in hand. You can make shamrocks out of balloons in just a few minutes. All you'll need is four latex balloons, some string or yarn and a pair of scissors. 

Use four heart balloons or four latex balloons (either in green or gold) and tie them together in the middle to create your own Shamrock which has an original, organic feel. Next, tie your string or yarn around the middle of the shamrock where the balloons connect. Leave some slack so you can hang your shamrock on the wall. 

These fun shamrock balloons are easy to make — you can get a dozen or so together with a few minutes of work. 

  1. 11" Qualatex Emerald Green Latex
    11" Qualatex Emerald Green Latex
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  2. 5" Qualatex Dark Green Latex
    5" Qualatex Dark Green Latex
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3. Mix Balloon Patterns and Colors

Any balloon decoration is twice as fun when you mix up your patterns and colors. Create the balloon shamrocks we explained in our last tip — or arrange your balloons in any way you want. Not everything has to be shamrocks, but it certainly can be! 

Explore with polka dots and other patterned balloons to see where your imagination will take you. You can stick with the classics and use shades of green and gold, or follow where the rainbow trend leaves you. Maybe you'll find a treasure of ideas you never expected!

4. Use Balloons to Create Clouds for a RainbowMake your own cloud for your rainbow

Remember our rainbow idea? It'll look even better if you add charming details like fluffy balloon clouds. Making balloon clouds is easy with just a couple steps. 

Using white latex balloons, blow them up at a variety of sizes and tie or adhere together to create your own cloud. The size variation will help create a more realistic fluffy effect. From there, you can decorate with a rainbow foil, a variety of colored streamers, or your own rainbow latex arch. Now your balloon rainbow setup is an even better backdrop for pictures. 

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    32" Rainbow Flat
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    11" Qualatex White Latex
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    5" Qualatex Pearl White Latex
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5. Create Phrases With Foil Balloons

Letter balloons let you say whatever you'd like, so fill the room with festive words and phrases. Be sure to plan out what you'd like your balloons to say beforehand so you know which letters to buy.

Get a little creative with the use of phrase and letter balloons — no longer are you limited to merely spelling out, “Happy St. Patrick’s Day.” Have a little whimsy with phrases like “Lucky,” "Celtic," "Clover" or “Golden.” The choice is yours, so celebrate St. Patrick's Day with balloon letters that feel unique to your group. 

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