Witch Wall/Door Wreath Decor How-to

Witch Wall/Door Wreath Decor How-to

Cheers Witches!
Create a decor piece for your Halloween hangouts. We chose a two-sided balloon with a different design on each side, so matching decor pieces are easy to replicate.


You will need:

item# 92357 - 17"  Satin "Cheers Witches" or Standard Foil Balloon of Your Choice
item# 92529 - 260Q Qualatex Chrome Gold Latex
item# 6490 - 5" Qualatex Onyx Black Latex
item# 101134 - 2" x 25 yd Lace Ribbon - Black
item# 20137 - 6" x 25 yd Tulle - White
item# 89080 - Balloon Hand Pump
item# 100679 - Uglu Dash On a Roll or Two-Sided Tape


1. Inflate the 17” foil balloon with a hand pump.
2. Inflate a 260Q balloon with a hand pump, leave room at the end for tying. Tie it around the foil balloon and secure it with Uglu dots or two-sided tape in a couple of places.
3. Inflate two more 260Qs and twist them together to create an embellishment. Ours resembles a snail!
4. Add your embellishment to the side of the 260Q wrapped on the outside of your foil.
5. Create curlies with your 260Q by wrapping a stretched, uninflated balloon around a pole or broom handle and inflating it with your hand pump. Use as many as you would like with your design. Our example has two.
6. Add 5” latex and 260Q curlies into the wreath however you like.
7. Cut lace and tulle strips into 24-inch lengths.
8. Add them to your design.
9. Your wreath is complete. Hang securely on a wall or with a door hook. Be sure it doesn’t get blown away by the wind!
10. Enjoy the Party!