Balloon Weight Chart

Balloon Weight Chart

Balloon Weights

Helium-filled balloons make great displays both in your stores and at your customers' events. However, without something to keep your balloons anchored, they float up to the ceiling or off into the clouds. Mayflower Distributing Company is your one-stop shop for everything you and your customers need to celebrate, including basic and decorative balloon weights.
Our wide assortment of balloon weights includes weights ideal for in-store merchandising opportunities and more decorative options you can sell to customers for their own balloon displays.

Our Selection of Balloon Weights

At Mayflower Distributing Company, you'll find everything you and your customers need to display your balloons, including a huge range of balloon weights. These anchors are available in different styles, shapes and sizes, from small 8-gram weights designed to hold a single helium balloon to heavier weights that hold down elaborate balloon bouquets.
Browse our extensive inventory to find the following types of balloon weights:

  • Basic balloon weights
  • Decorative balloon weights
  • Colored foil balloon weights
  • Balloon weight clips
  • Magna-Strip weights

If you're not sure which wholesale balloon weights you should purchase, get in touch with our team. Our experienced staff members can provide guidance on which weights are best for your in-store merchandising and help you determine which weights your customers will want to purchase.

Benefits of Purchasing Wholesale Balloon Weights

For five decades, our team at Mayflower has helped businesses like yours stock up on the party supplies you need to satisfy your customers, including balloons, balloon weights and beyond. We've developed long-term relationships with our suppliers that allow us to offer the best prices on the broadest range of products, so you can find everything you need to maintain your inventory.
Purchasing balloon weights and other party supplies wholesale from Mayflower Distributing Company is the perfect way to ensure you earn the highest profit on your products. Our wholesale pricing model and volume-based discounts allow you to pay less when you buy more, and our low minimum purchase requirements ensure you never end up with more than you need.

Stocking up is easy with our streamlined website and ordering processes. You can browse through our website and fill your cart, or restock with the click of a single button through our fast-order feature. If you prefer to speak with a member of our team, you can place your order by phone. Most orders arrive within 2 to 4 days from one of our U.S. distribution centers.

Get Wholesale Balloon Weights Online

Shop our collection today to find decorative and functional balloon weights to use in your balloon merchandising display or sell to your customers so they can keep their balloons in place. You can create an account for your business and shop online to get started or get in touch with our team to learn more about how we can help you stock up on great party supplies.