Celebrate at Home

Celebrate at Home

Treat Yourself! Cupcakes Galore

It’s a treat yourself kind of year- and we’re happy to help you enjoy the party at home. We’re all spending more time indoors and at home, but that doesn’t mean weekends and special occasions have to feel dull.

This week we’re going to talk about a classic celebration treat: cupcakes!

Cupcakes are a versatile canvas to create a magical moment. They can be decorated in any number of ways, and cupcake liners can even be crafted into a colorful, decorative garland.

Grab your favorite cupcake mix, load up on some toppings, and get ready to create your cupcake masterpiece in this fun, cupcake themed celebration.

Cupcake liners can become a fun decoration by using a sewing needle and thread. To create a cupcake liner garland, choose a cupcake liner with a fun pattern and thread a needle with string (depending on how long you would like the garland to be, about 4-5 feet of string should do). Poke the needle through the middle of the liner and pull through. Add as many cupcake liners as you would like; more cupcake liners will create a fuller garland.

Here are some of our favorite colorful cupcake liners:


To complete the cupcake theme, add some colorful cupcake balloons:


A cupcake celebration wouldn’t be complete without cupcakes! Pick up the cake mix of your choice, follow the instructions on the back of the box, and prepare your cupcake vessel for decoration. Wait until cupcakes have cooled to room temperature before decorating, lest your decorations melt.

Add some extra glitter and pizazz with this decorative pink sparkle gel:

  1. Sparkle Gel - Pink
    Sparkle Gel - Pink
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Don’t forget the rainbow sprinkles:

We prefer as many toppings as possible, so here are some ideas for candy toppings:

  1. 14 oz Sixlets - Tie Dye Mix
    14 oz Sixlets - Tie Dye Mix
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Turn cupcake decorating into a friendly competition! If you would like, you can even choose a theme such as Fall or Halloween to inspire the cupcake decorating.

Next, assemble your cupcakes and toppings on a table.

 If you’d like to keep things neat and tidy, we recommend using a table cover

  1. 54" X 108" Plastic Table Cover - Glittering Gold
    54" X 108" Plastic Table Cover - Glittering Gold
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and organizing the candies in paper candy cups

Depending on how structured you would like your cupcake competition to be, here are some ideas you can implement:

  • You can incorporate several rounds of the competition, with each round focused on a different aspect of the cupcake to be judged (taste, appearance, creativity)
  • Consider using a timer for each round to keep the competition fair
  • Ask a family member if they would be willing to judge the cupcakes
  • You can give awards for different cupcake categories (Most Colorful, Most Toppings, Most Unique Flavor, etc)

While celebrating may look a little different this year, celebrating is definitely not cancelled. Keep things exciting and interesting by adding some whimsy at home. Let us know how your cupcake competition goes by tagging us @mayflowerparty and use the hashtag #CelebrateAtHome