Top Graduation Decoration Ideas

Top Graduation Decoration Ideas

Graduation season is finally here! The long wait is over and it’s time to celebrate. 


Whether the graduation party is for a high school or college student (or even for a little one graduating kindergarten), it’s a pretty big deal! Before any of the fun starts, there’s a lot of party planning to do. From the décor, color scheme, food, invitations card, outfits—the list goes on. It might seem overwhelming but it’s totally worth it in the end. 


Due to the pandemic, it’s no surprise the way we celebrate any milestones has changed quite a lot over the past year. People have come up with clever, fun, and Covid-friendly ways to celebrate. Some may decide to have a small graduation party in their backyard, while others may want to have a bigger event at the park. Wherever it may be for you, make sure to have your graduation décor leveled up this year!


Here are a few ways to celebrate in style for your graduation party. These ideas are perfect for any graduation. We hope this will inspire you to take on your creative approach. 


No need for an introduction on this one! Drive-by celebrations have been quite popular over this past year. You can definitely count on seeing more of these types of celebrations happening. This is the perfect excuse to decorate your front yard for a graduation celebration. Take it up a notch and decorate your garage too. Use graduation balloons, yard signs, streamers, foil curtains, garlands, and more—have fun with it!


Talk about making an unforgettable entrance! Now, THIS is a unique and whimsical way to decorate your entranceway. Not only is it fun for your family and friends to see once they arrive, but it would make a pretty cool photo to take standing in the middle of these floating jumbo balloons. We have a variety of colors to choose from!

Photo credit: Pinterest


Whether your graduation party is indoors or outdoors, having a backdrop is perfect for a quick photo session with family and friends. Everyone loves to have a fun decorated area to take pictures for memories! No need to stick to school colors for this graduation backdrop. Make it more personal by decorating with colors the graduation student loves. 


Don’t underestimate what these mini balloons can do for you! They may be small, but they make such a big statement. There are many ways you can use them. One way is to simply add them to your centerpieces. You can also use them as props to hold when taking photos with your friends and family. They’re just the right size!  


A card box is a great place for friends and family to drop off meaningful notes on your special day. After the party is over, you can open the box and read all the lovely cards—get those tissues ready for happy tears coming! As a small gesture to say ‘thank you' to your guests, have them bring home a party favor gift. 

The road to graduating isn’t always easy. Lots of dedication and hard work goes into it which is why it’s always worth the celebration once finished! We hope you found these party ideas helpful as you plan for your next graduation party. Congrats to all 2021 graduates!!