Top Graduation Decoration Ideas

Top Graduation Decoration Ideas

Graduation season is here and that means college graduates, high school students and even kindergarteners are getting ready to celebrate a big milestone. Celebrating grads means acknowledging academic achievement and the future successes students look forward to.

Choosing the right graduation decor ideas is part of the fun of your celebration. Fun color schemes, themes and party ideas celebrate your grad's accomplishments and give them cherished memories to inspire them further.

The Best Ways To Decorate for a Graduation Party

These graduation party ideas and decor inspiration can help you put together a celebration fit for a major milestone.


1. Yard Signs


Drive-by graduations are an excellent option to make celebrations more accessible for everyone. Some grads may need to isolate themselves on their big day or may have family who cannot visit in person. 

Bright yard signs also allow everyone driving by to celebrate your grad, making them a great option even if you have an in-person celebration. 

2. Tassel Balloon Entrance


Giant floating balloons with tassels hanging down to the ground are a showstopping entrance for any grad. Tassel balloons create a VIP entrance and offer a great spot for grad pictures and selfies.

Mayflower Distributing has jumbo balloons in a rainbow of colors. These quality balloons are large enough to create a dramatic entrance and to hold down paper tassels. You’re sure to find colors to suit your graduation party palette.

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3. Graduation Backdrop


Create a red-carpet experience for your graduate with a unique backdrop. Make a large screen or frame backdrop and personalize the space with flowers, specialty balloons or items your grad loves. You can create a color scheme based on your graduate’s favorite colors or their school colors. The options are endless.

You can set up your graduate backdrop outside or indoors. Just make sure there is plenty of light for pictures and selfies. A graduation backdrop is a perfect way to capture special memories in photos.

4. Collegiate Decor


If you’re celebrating someone who’s graduating from high school, decorating with collegiate decor is a fun way to remind everyone of the next chapter in your student’s life. Mayflower has unique decor from major universities, so you can host a party with college balloons, tablecloths, cups, plates and napkins. Once you’re done, your student can take some of the collegiate swag with them to their dorm!

Are you celebrating a college grad? Familiar college logos and names can help them celebrate the years they have put into their studies. You can also decorate with collegiate gear designed for their graduate studies. Either way, Mayflower has collegiate decor to help make your grad's celebration special and memorable.

5. Card Box and Party Favors


The best graduation decor helps you celebrate your milestone and offers a lifetime of memories. That’s why we love the idea of a card box. Set up a big box for graduation notes, colorful pens and writing card stock or paper. Set aside an area with a flat surface for writing and ask guests to jot a personalized note to the grad.

Thank your guests with a meaningful party favor. Stock up on bags, ribbons and tissue to wrap up small treats or gifts for everyone who helped you honor the big day.


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