Blog: Celebrating Thanksgiving in 2020

Blog: Celebrating Thanksgiving in 2020

Whether in person or from a distance, we can easily create a comforting and cozy atmosphere for Thanksgiving. Grab some craft supplies, whip out the cookie cutters early, and get ready to decorate with classic fall colors.
Get Cozy with Classic Traditions
This year is all about classics and comfort, and what could be more comforting than cookies? Make Christmas come early by decorating fall-themed sugar cookies. Try using brown sprinkles, orange frosting, and lemon frosting to create leaves and turkeys.

  1. Jimmies - Chocolate
    Jimmies - Chocolate
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  2. Icing Tube - Orange
    Icing Tube - Orange
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  3. Icing Tube - Lemon Yellow
    Icing Tube - Lemon Yellow
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It’s not Thanksgiving without turkey-themed crafts! Create the classic ‘hand’ turkey by tracing around your hand on a sheet of paper using a colored pencil or writing utensil of your choice. On each ‘feather’ or finger of the turkey, write down what you are thankful for. For extra sparkle, embellish the turkey by gluing sequins on it.

  1. 0.18 oz Glitter Sequin - Gold
    0.18 oz Glitter Sequin - Gold
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Ways to Celebrate Socially Distant and Virtual Thanksgivings
Living in a warmer climate lends itself well to hosting an outdoor, socially distant Thanksgiving. Make sure to stock up on warm beverages and blankets. Add some socially distant yard games like bocce ball or bean bag toss for a new Thanksgiving tradition.
For colder climates, virtual Thanksgivings may be more popular. Everyone can still share a Thanksgiving meal by deciding on a set menu beforehand and having everyone cook their own version of the same dishes. After dinner, play a classic game such as Charades with the Heads Up! app.

Neutral Ombre Decor
Still have mini pumpkins from Halloween? Good! Stretch out the cozy fall feeling and repurpose pumpkins for Thanksgiving décor. Muted ombres and comforting classic fall colors are trending this year. Pick around 2-4 shades of a neutral such as brown or beige, and paint mini pumpkins for an easy centerpiece. Coordinate with matching ombre balloons and a metallic turkey balloon.

  1. 25" Orange Maple Leaf
    25" Orange Maple Leaf
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  2. 31" Glitter Turkey Holographic
    31" Glitter Turkey Holographic
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Finally, for dinnerware, continue the ombre theme by mixing golds and browns:

We are grateful for the opportunity to help make your Thanksgiving cozy and festive this year! Let us know how you celebrated by tagging us @MayflowerParty and use the hashtag #CelebrateAtHome