Celebrate at home

Celebrate at home

Halloween Hacks

Halloween will be a little different this year, but that’s okay! There are many socially distant ways to celebrate, from elaborate house displays, trunk-or-treating, ‘boo-ing’ your neighbor, and creating scavenger hunts.


Go Big on Decorating Your Home

The color palette of Halloween has expanded; pastels such as pink and light blue are welcome additions to the traditional orange and black. Colorful Iridescents reminiscent of the 90’s are also trending this year.

Here are some of our favorite new Halloween Balloons!

Cute Pastels:

Spooky Iridescents:

Organize a Socially Distant Trunk-or-Treat
If you would like to keep your Halloween limited to a few people and completely outdoors, trunk-or-treating is a good alternative to traditional trick-or-treating.

Trunk-or-treating is where neighbors gather in a predetermined location to trick-or-treat out of creatively decorated car trunks. It is great for neighborhoods where houses are sparse or far apart, and perfect for maintaining distance outside. Make sure to prepare in advance by prepackaging baggies of candy and spacing them out to prevent clusters of trick-or-treaters.

Trunk-or-Treat Décor Ideas:

“Boo” Your Neighbor

Boo-ing is where someone leaves their neighbor a goody bag on their doorstep filled with Halloween treats, and then that neighbor pays it forward to another person. If you have ever received a goody bag on your doorstep around Halloween, it means you have been ‘boo-ed’!

To start boo-ing, buy some treats, treat bags, and print off a note (usually in the shape of a ghost) with a Boo poem. There are many examples you can use on the internet, or if you would like, you can make your own poem as well!

Treat Box:


  1. Sweet Treat - Happy Halloween
    Sweet Treat - Happy Halloween
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Create a Halloween Scavenger Hunt

The thrill of Halloween is the quest for candy- and a Halloween Basket is a perfect way to get the satisfaction of trick-or-treating without going out. Grab a basket, add some Halloween colored shred and candy, and hide it!


  1. Crimped Paper Shred - Orange
    Crimped Paper Shred - Orange
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We hope these ideas spark inspiration to keep the Halloween spirit going strong- let us know how your Halloween festivities go by tagging us @mayflowerparty and use the hashtag #CelebrateAtHome